Recap: 30 For 30 Birthday Fundraiser For UNICEF USA!

Thank you all so much for your generous donations to UNICEF USA for my 30th birthday. Thanks to great friends like you, we were able to purchase 12 Therapeutic food packages, 6 Shape a Future Packages, 15 Super Hero packs, and 15 First Aid Kits. This will allow UNICEF to support the critical needs of over 1000 children through vaccines, nutrition, educational resources and much more.

My goal was $2600.00 but thanks to you all, I ended up raising $3385.00

Here is the breakdown of what the money is going towards;

Therapeutic Food $67.50 | Achieved = 12
(Providing 120 malnourished children with lifesaving nutrition)

Shape a Future $221.12 | Achieved = 6
(Providing 300 vaccines and 6 school-in-a-box kits for 240 students)

Super Hero Pack $50.13 | Achieved = 15
(Providing 750 vaccines, 15 vaccine carriers and 75 mosquito nets)

First Aid Kit $32.90 | Achieved = 15
(Providing 15 First Aid Kits with practical equipment for treating cuts, minor burns and infections)

This was the best birthday present… EVER!

Love you all for the support!

Until next time …

Sunni xoxo

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