Birthday 2016: Costa Rica!!!

Hey guys!

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I was going to blog more but things have been kinda hectic. Thanks for keeping up with me on social media though, love you for that. So this year for my birthday I really wanted to take a “Eat Pray Love” type of trip with my closest friends. I didn’t want to go to a resort just to lounge around on the beach sipping mojitos. Well, I would be sipping mojitos regardless but you get my point. So we decided on a small town in Costa Rica called Turrialba. We booked a beautiful glass tree house on AirBNB and off we were! We fought, we laughed, we cried and ate and loved every moment of it. We did a lot of activities from zip lining to sigh seeing and let’s not forget the trip through the jungle to the waterfalls. One of the best trips ever! Check out my little sis Noor’s full Vlog below .. Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Sunni (More photos on my IG)

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