Birthday 2016: Costa Rica!!!

Hey guys! At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I was going to blog more but things have been kinda hectic. Thanks for keeping up with me on social media though, love you for that. So this year for my birthday I really wanted to take a “Eat Pray Love” type of […]

Video: My “Everyday Look” with drugstore makeup!

If there’s one thing that everyone knows about me is that I’m very simple, VERY! I’m not too fancy when it comes to anything, clothing, shoes, etc … especially makeup! I love to try simple things and as long as they work and it’s beautiful, I’m down for it! Here is a quick tutorial on […]

2nd Annual Sunni & The City Women’s Empowerment Event

Last Wednesday, I held my 2nd Annual Sunni & The City Women’s Empowerment event at Diageo House and it was nothing short of amazing. The entire concept behind my annual event is honoring women around the DC/MD/VA area who are dedicated to serving their communities through their charity efforts. From young leaders to activists to […]